How to create Shiny Hair

Everyone loves to have shiny silky hair! Lea Michele embraces her curls and straight hair, and looks great with both! No matter what your hair type it’s important to know that dirt, oil, and product build up result in dull life-less hair. In order to get the best results for clean shiny hair follow these steps:

1. Use a purifying shampoo such as Pureology Purify shampoo. Without using sulfates, this shampoo will remove build up and cleanse your hair well. Condition your hair normally to add protiens that may have been lost during chemical treatments; try Pureology Essential Repair conditioner.

2. Use a smoothing cream blow dry product such as Redken Outshine polishing milk. Apply it mainly to your ends, if you hair dryer britle hair you can add a little to your root.

3. Blow-dry your hair using the concentrator, using a natural bristle round brush, which will distribute the oils on your head adding a natural shine.

4. Finish your style by using a flat iron to smooth 1″ sections of hair at a time. Spray Redken Shine Flash mist to add a fresh glisten to your sleek locks.

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