Retro Glamour on the 2012 Red Carpet!

Need some inspiration for your upcoming events? This Spring is all about Old Hollywood Glamour, some of our favorite styles that were recently on the red carpet were Charlize Theron and Penelope Cruz. Their stylists used beautiful finger waves, loose curls, and sparkling accessories to make a bold statement.

Penelope Cruz Charlize Theron Finger Waves

Here are some tips to re-create Penelope Cruz’s finger waves for a glamourous look:
On dry hair, apply a small amount of volume styling mousse, try Pureology Root Lift Spray, at the roots. Next, set hair in steam hot rollers by rolling hair straight back from the head. Use smaller rollers in the back to create a tighter curl, then pin hair underneath into a faux bob. Back comb and tease at the root to create volume, brush the finger waves into place and set with Redken Number 23 Foreceful Setting Spray.

*All products used to create finger waves mentioned can be found at Trisha’s Salon.