Taming those Fly-Aways

After a long summer of heat, hilites, and sun, our hair is usually in need of some TLC. If you’ve noticed those pesky fly aways increasing, it may be time to give your hair a conditioning treatment. At Trisha’s Salon we offer conditioning treatments with your regular appointment, just call or ask your stylist! In addition, it could help to pick up a deep conditioning masque to comb from root to end once a week. (Try Pureology HydraCure conditioning masque). Using a thermo-shield product such as Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide serum to protect your hair during styling will also prevent break-offs. And if you’re still seeing those little hairs? Simply spray a little hair spray on your finger tips and put them in their place! Contact Trisha’s Salon to make an appointment at 610-670-8557 or info@trishasalon.com