Best Haircut for your Face Shape

In order to look your best, it is important to understand that not everything we like is what looks good. Each individual has a certain face shape, skin tone, or body type that makes certain styles look particularly fabulous. Here’s a guide to hairstyles that will look great on your face shape!

Heart- Like Reese Witherspoon, you will look best with a choppy or soft wave bob that accentuates the angles of your face. Adding a side swept bang will increase the lovely look.

If you have an oval shaped face, you join celebs like Jennifer Anniston and Heidi Klum who have some of the best hairstyles in the world. The oval shape has a lot of symmetry and you can get away with practically anything. The best styles we love are the center part, angled lob cut!


Square- This is a similar shape to heart, however if you have a square shape face you’re one of the bold and beautiful that can pull of an edgy pixie cut like Kiera Knightly & Ginnifer Goodwin.


Round- The long, sleek, layered look creates a great style for anyone with a round face shape. Mila Kunis and Emma Stone wear it often and well. If you want to do something fresh, try a blunt bang.


Rectangle- Whether you wear your hair short or long is up to you, but adding lots of layers and volume along with a side part, will create the best look. Adding layers to a longer style will avoid making your face shape look longer than it is. Giving your hair theses few options will give the illusion of more angles, like Eva Mendes.